Ambrook and Dewy Project

Works began in September with a bat tree roost survey, in advance of the planned treeworks, in order to reduce the risk of disturbing roosting bats and ensure trees with a good bat roost potential were retained.

Extensive treeworks began in October. Trees along the Ambrook and around the pond were selectively removed, coppiced and crowns and overhanging branches reduced in order to reduce the amount of leaf litter and allow more light to reach the water and banks to allow plants to grow.

The pond and stream were de-silted in October and a scrape was cut into the boggy ground where the Ambrook feeds in to the pond. The silt was reprofiled and incorporated into the banks.

The entire area was fenced off in November. The fencing is intended to be in place for a period of three years to prevent erosion and allow vegetation to establish.

The recent wet weather has meant that the scrape and pond are filling up nicely.

In December steps leading towards the stream were re-cut. The next task is to build a new bridge over the stream.


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