Summer Activities

With summer now in full swing it has been a busy as well as exciting time for volunteers and visitors alike with the often rare but always welcome sunshine bringing the best out of the woods. The site is particularly well suited to the tireless curiosity of children with an abundance of learning and exploration literally at their (most probably grubby) fingertips. With this in mind under some glorious June sunshine families came for a fantastic afternoon of bug hunting that saw everybody getting stuck in bush sweeping, tree beating and leaf litter searching for all things creepy and crawly.

Leaf litter searching

Checking out whats been hiding in the trees and shrubs

Bush sweeping

Volunteers have also been making the most of what summer has to offer by trying their hands at the deceptively lengthy but ultimately satisfying process of wildflower identifying. This meant getting up close and personal with the flora through examining corollas, sepals and whorls to reveal the species in question and  allow volunteers to finaly put names to the floral faces seen everyday whilst in the woods.

Wildflower ID, harder than it looks!

With brains saturated and bodies frizzled in the summer sun, it was deemed time for a welcome picnic lunch break in the Glade with volunteers sharing out a myriad of culinary delights to consolidate another wonderful day in the Woods and recharge for the afternoons tasks.

Volunteer picnic


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